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THANK YOU for joining the hand-raisers and being a game-changer! Here you will find all the resources you need to carry out your employee campaign. If you are interested in setting up a workplace campaign, please contact Jen Arends, CEO, at and we will be happy to help you get started in our Where there's a You, There's a Way Campaign!

2020 Campaign and COVID-19

Though the way we work may be temporarily changed, our commitment to the community has not. United Way of North Central Iowa has responded to our community's most pressing needs for more than 95 years.  We will continue to be there to help in every way we can.  Due to this year's pandemic, we wanted to ensure that while we are apart, we can still LIVE UNITED.  We are providing companies wishing to support United Way with the flexibility needed during this time.  In addition to the option of running a traditional campaing, we are introducing two additional ways to give back to the community.  Your company has the option of running a virtual campaign or a rollover campaign.  

Virtual Campaign

A virtual campaign is a safe way for your organization to support United Way.  With a Virtual United Way Campaign, we offer zoom presentations, video materials, virtual volunteer opportunities, and specialized company-specific e-pledge sites. To find out more contact Angelina Perez at 

Rollover Campaign

We understand that everyone’s situation is unique, and this year’s annual campaign might need to look a little different in order to best meet your needs while still offering support to those most vulnerable in our community. Because of this, we are offering the option of a Rollover Campaign this year in place of a traditional one. A Rollover Campaign takes your employee giving (payroll deductions and billing) from 2019's annual campaign and automatically rolls it over to the 2020 campaign, including gift amount, type of pledge, and any designations unless any changes are specified by the employee. Complete the Rollover Confirmation sheet below and our team will reach out to you to set up your 2020 Campaign.  To learn more about running a Rollover Campaign, contact Angelina Perez at

Rollover Confirmation Sheet.

Sample Employee Email

Campaign Forms and Resources      

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United Way Promotional Materials

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Social Media

Make your United Way Campaign Social!  Including E-Commuication and Social Media into your company campaign is a great way to engage your employees and build morale to help make your campaign more successful. 

Using your company newsletter or intranet site to promote your campaign
  • Provide a link to United Way's website,
  • Post or send daily educational and informational messages about United Way during the campaign. 
  • Share the United Way campaign video
  • Post the schedule or calendar of campaign events
  • Ask employees why they give/volunteer or how they "Live United" and post their quotes
  • Encourage employees to be social with United Way on Social Media onFacebook: @uwnci Twitter: @UnitedWayNCI Instagram: @unitedwaynci LinkedIn:@united way of north central Iowa
  • Download our Social Media Guide for sample posts: Download Here