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Diversity Statement


United Way of North Central Iowa

Statement of Our Commitment for Inclusiveness & Diversity



United Way of North Central Iowa is committed to fostering awareness and understanding that valuing and managing diversity is an integral part of our work, in its own operations and its encouragement as an important principle for our community.


United Way of North Central Iowa strives to create and maintain an organizational environment that enables all people to perform to their potential by actively valuing different backgrounds and perspectives, fostering teamwork and collaboration among a heterogeneous community, and maximizing gifts made to the

United Way
by using the skills, talents, and resources of all members of our community.


In considering our effectiveness in developing and sustaining an inclusive organization, we will value individuals without regard to race, religion, color, gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, physical challenge, or age.  In addition, we will strive to involve individuals of diverse educational attainment, socioeconomic status, work experience, political beliefs, and geographic background.


Our ability to be inclusive, to embrace diversity, and to make it an integral part of our business will enable us to fulfill the mission of our

United Way
and serve our community more effectively.  It will also help us to attract new volunteers, new employees, and new supporters.


The organization will comply with all local, state, and Federal laws regarding non-discrimination and serve as an equal opportunity employer.


To fulfill our commitment and live our value of inclusiveness,

United Way
of North Central Iowa will implement the following:


  1. Identify annual targets for the organization's diversity and inclusiveness.


  1. Review annually all-volunteer committees, Board of Directors, and staff to evaluate our organizational diversity and develop plans to ensure our diversity targets are met.


  1. Evaluate annually the participation level and interaction of all committee and Board members to ensure there is meaningful involvement by all volunteers and, where appropriate, staff.


We will seek other opportunities to enhance our efforts to promote diversity internally and externally when they will provide added benefit to our work and our community.


Acknowledgment:  We appreciate the work of other United Ways in developing and acting upon a statement of inclusiveness and diversity.  The above statement includes language from the statements developed by the

United Way
of America,
United Way
of Franklin County, and it uses ideas from multiple other
United Ways
and nonprofits.



I hereby consent to the participation in the taking of photographs, movies or video tapes by United Way of North Central Iowa.


I also grant to United Way the right to edit, use, and reuse said products for

non-profit purposes including use in print, on the internet, and all other forms of media.


United Way of North Central Iowa has a unique role as a regional leader of philanthropy to benefit human services and serve as a major resource to the communities of North Central Iowa.  The

United Way
of North Central Iowa has earned public trust, nurtured by years of ethical, honest, and responsible charitable service.  The continued success of
United Way
of North Central Iowa depends upon the ethical conduct of the organization, its employees and representatives.


Confidentiality is a hallmark of professionalism. United Way of North Central Iowa Employees & Volunteers:


  • Ensure that all information which is confidential or privileged or which is not publicly available is not disclosed inappropriately.


  • Ensure that all non-public information of other persons or firms acquired by
    United Way
    of North Central Iowa personnel in dealing with outside firms on behalf of
    United Way
    of North Central Iowa is treated as confidential and not disclosed.


  • Do not knowingly take any action or make any statement intended to influence the conduct of
    United Way
    of North Central Iowa in such a way as to confer any financial benefit on such volunteers, their immediate family members, or any organization in which they or their family members have a significant interest as stockholders, directors or officers.


  • In the event that there comes before the United Way of North Central Iowa a matter for consideration or decision that raises a potential conflict of interest for any member of the committee, the member shall disclose the potential conflict of interest as soon as he or she becomes aware of it, and shall withdraw from the meeting room during the discussion, review, and voting in connection with the matter. 


Nothing in this Statement shall be construed to discourage or restrict volunteers to participate in fundraising activities for and/or serve in any other capacity with respect to any other organization at any time.


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