The following information applies only to gifts processed by United Way
of North Central Iowa (hereafter “United Way”).

Making a gift to United Way is the most effective way to help our whole community. United Way works to connect and strengthen community resources to inspire change in the lives of all north Iowans.


United Way understands that some donors choose to direct a portion of their gift to a specific agency. Although we process these donor-directed contributions as a service to our donors, United Way is unable to guarantee how designated funds to a specific agency will be used or ensure measurable results by the recipient agency. Any agency receiving designations must be a 501(C)(3) organization and must comply with the United States Patriot Act by submitting the proper documentation to United Way.

If you wish to make a designation to a specific organization, the following is required: 

Confirm the agency you wish to donate to is a legally recognized 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization by visiting Guidestar, or contact your designated agency.
Specify the designation amount – must be $50 or greater
Provide the complete agency information, including the name and city to ensure that your designated gift goes to the right agency – many have similar names or multiple locations.
Submit designation information at the time of the pledge


Designations made to our partner agencies are sent in addition to any existing program funding provided by United Way.

Pledges made through payroll deduction are paid to the agencies beginning in July. 

If the amount designated is:

Less than $50 – donation will be added to the Community Solutions Fund
Under $499 - donation will be paid in full by October
Between $500 to $4,999 – quarterly payments will be made
Over $5,000 - monthly payments will be made

Donor names and gift details are forwarded to designated agencies unless the donor chooses to remain anonymous, or if an employer does not provide United Way with detailed donor gift information.


United Way can only distribute dollars that are actually collected. Therefore, on payroll gifts additional costs are subtracted to cover the loss of uncollected pledges.