Group Provides Key Safety Net

Every day we read new articles about violence and abuse, see devastating images of natural disasters. There is so much pain and suffering in the world. Thinking of a way to provide a meaningful response is overwhelming…then the images of neighbor helping neighbor, stranger helping stranger enters the picture. These stories and images give us hope.


Locally, there is an incredible network of organizations working together in communities throughout North Iowa to help you, your neighbors, your friends, your family and people you have never met. There are organizations that focus on improving health, education and income for North Iowans.


These organizations work together for form an essential safety net for our most vulnerable friends and neighbors, while also working to enhance the community for all citizens.


While there are many organizations working together, the United Way of North Central Iowa is a common thread that runs through our community. United Way works to bring organizations together to solve current and emerging issues. They work tirelessly to identify gaps in services and fill those gaps. Just as importantly, they keep their eye on the horizon in an effort to respond to community concerns early.


You can make a difference in your community. Pledge to support the United Way of North Central Iowa. Together, we can Live United!


Mary Ingham, Clear Lake