Board of Directors

Board President

Connie Morrison
Mercy Medical Center - North Iowa
Connie Morrison
"United Way is a partner and major contributor in our community helping a variety of people to improve their quality of life on many different levels. United Way makes our community a better place to live."

Past President

Daren Meints
Larson Manufacturing

"Together we can make a difference. Live United."

Vice President

Doug Morse
North Iowa Area Community College
Doug Morse
"I enjoy the opportunity to "give back" to the community by volunteering at United Way."


Jerome Bormann
First Citizens Bank

"Volunteering for United Way allows me to give back to those in need across north Iowa area."

Secretary & CEO

Jodee O'Brien
United Way of North Central Iowa

"The United Way provides an avenue for our donors to assist our community's residents in areas that are specific to our collective communities current needs."

Human Resource

Aimee Kern
Clear Lake Bank & Trust

"I choose to invest and volunteer with United Way of North Central Iowa because I believe the organization capitalizes on the notion that "together we are better." My monetary donations are able to make a much greater impact when combined with the investments of others. Likewise, United Way of North Central Iowa is perfectly positioned to bring people and organizations together to strengthen our communities, providing a greater impact through joining together."

Gary Schmit
Henkel Construction Company, Inc.

"United Way supports our community!"

Dan Varnum
Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa

"United Way is a great way to help people in need; throughout multiple channels through north Iowa."

Cheryl Kurtzleben
Clear Lake Bank & Trust

Strategic Planning

Kristy Sagdalen King
Bergland + Cram

"United Way is an organization where you can witness very real results. The yearly connection between raising and distributing funds directly to those doing good in our community is very rewarding and reaches many people in need."

John Roisen
3M Corporation

"United Way; bringing the greatest good to the greatest need."

Jim Collins
B&F Fastener Supply

"What I like about the United Way is how it helps build community spirit. Starting with local folks reaching out for funding, then organizing groups for "hands-on" volunteering, and finally delivering support to charities. All of it local, friends helping friends. That is community to me."

Shelly Johnson
Principal Financial Group

"The United Way of North Central Iowa is working to connect the dots...we work to ensure that everyone is connecting and donor dollars are providing the biggest impact that meets the needs of our communities."


Community Impact Team Executive Chair

Mae Miles

"Luke 12:48 To whom much is given, much shall be required. I have been blessed beyond measure in this life and feel it is my calling to in turn give back, to be a blessing where I can be, and make a difference in someone's life."

Campaign Chair

Bob Klocke
First Citizens Bank

"I have seen directly the impact of the programming United Way supports. The north Iowa area is the best it can be because of a number of reasons not the least of shich is strong and passionate giving to help those in need."