Board of Directors


Doug Morse
North Iowa Area Community College
Doug Morse
"I enjoy the opportunity to "give back" to the community by volunteering at United Way."

Vice President

Cheryl Kurtzleben
Clear Lake Bank & Trust


Jerome Bormann
First Citizens Bank

"Volunteering for United Way allows me to give back to those in need across north Iowa area."

Secretary & CEO

Jodee O'Brien
United Way of North Central Iowa

"The United Way provides an avenue for our donors to assist our community's residents in areas that are specific to our collective communities current needs."

Past President

Connie Morrison
Mercy Medical Center North Iowa
Connie Morrison
"United Way is the cornerstone of our North Central Iowa communities. United Way supports education, health, and income by supporting a variety of agencies to meet the greatest needs."

Human Resources
Aimee Kern
Clear Lake Bank & Trust

"I choose to invest and volunteer with United Way of North Central Iowa because I believe the organization capitalizes on the notion that "together we are better." My monetary donations are able to make a much greater impact when combined with the investments of others. Likewise, United Way of North Central Iowa is perfectly positioned to bring people and organizations together to strengthen our communities, providing a greater impact through joining together."

Kara Ruge
Cerro Gordo Department of Public Health
"United Way allows our community to take care of each other. It gives us the opportunity to help those in need locally."

Cheryl Hubbard
Henkel Construction
"Volunteering and donating to the United Way is very gratifying because you are able to see how you are able to improve the lives of people in our community."

Megan Welch
3M Corporation

"Community involvement is a huge passion of mine. I want to do what I can to help those in need in my community. I have 4 years of business experience and hope that my skills and abilities can be leveraged to help the United Way of North Central Iowa in any way I can. I believe in what the United Way does and would be proud to be a part of the board."

Shelly Johnson
Principal Financial
"The United Way of North Central Iowa is working to connect the dots...we work to ensure that everyone is connecting and donor dollars are providing the biggest impact that meets the needs of our communities."

Ian Stockberger
Good Shepherd Health Center, Inc. 
"I believe in the United Way because it exists localy, where rubber meets the road. They are able to see and respond to need in our immediate area."

Kim Price
Franklin General Hospital
"I enjoy the opportunity to help others and to share my time and energy with those that have a need."

Dave Versteeg
Mason City Community Schools
"Volunteering for the United Way is a fatastic opportunity for me to give back to the community for all of it's support to our children and schools.

Julie Thilges
JT Consulting, LLC
"I believe in the United Way because of the group of people the organization serves and the impact the organization has on strengthing and empowering people in our local communities.

Community Impact Team Chair
Mike Castle
Castle Financial


2017 Campaign Chair
Steve Doerfler
"United Way provides tremendous funding to north Iowa agencies which positively impacts the lives of many. Being involved in the Community Impact Teams, this year, opened my eyes further to the significance our dollars have on communities which we live in."