Success Link

SuccessLink is a data management nonprofit that works to connect the data from local school districts and area non-profits for better analysis of student outcomes.  Currently, schools and local social service agencies collaborate providing student support, but track outcomes separately often resulting in keeping the status quo with programs that may not be having the impact that they are hoping for.  SuccessLink enters into MOU’s to share student data and connects that data to data collected through agency programs and stores this data in Microsoft SQL Server and analyzed using Business Objects, a business intelligence software suite.  SuccessLink is able to connect data from schools, public health organizations, and local nonprofits in order to create a data universe.  The system can run queries on agency participants in terms of their academic success, absenteeism, standardized test scores, etc.  This allows the involved agency to develop and track more detailed outcomes.  This data is then used to write grants and secure additional funds, as well as develop and enhances programs based on more accurate data. 





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If you would like your school system to be a part of the SuccessLink Data Initiative please contact Jen Arends at