In today's economy, simply having a job is not enough financial security. One in five jobs is low wage, nearly half (46%) of employers do not offer health insurance, and a majority (55%) of workers do not have or participate in a retirement plan (CFED, 2015). Nearly half of all households in America are liquid asset poor, meaning they have no savings on which to rely on when an unexpected financial emergency occurs (CFED, 2015). From job loss to a broken furnace, the line between economic self-sufficiency and living in poverty is often very thin. In an effort for families to climb the economic ladder, those living in the United Way of North Central Iowa community need a clear understanding of the many factors that contribute to either building up or eroding the financial security of our households, and how these factors are related to each other. Financial literacy and understanding is crucial to breaking the cycle of poverty and building the best life possible.


United Way of North Central Iowa aims to promote financial stability and independence. Our targets will be to improve self-sufficiency and improve access to resources.  We hope to show that people will have the resources and skills available to them to become and remain self-sufficient as well as, have increased access to resources during crisis in order to stabilize their situation.