2024 United Way Day of Caring

2024 United Way of North Central Iowa's Day of Caring

United Way's Day of Caring is an annual event that mobilizes volunteers to support community projects and local nonprofits. On this day, individuals and groups come together to participate in a variety of service activities, such as landscaping, painting, organizing donations, and assisting with community events. The goal is to make a positive impact, foster community spirit, and address local needs through collective action and volunteerism. This initiative highlights the importance of giving back and strengthens the connections between volunteers and the communities they serve.

This year’s Day of Caring is scheduled for Thursday, September 19, 2024.

Want to volunteer? Contact Jen at jen@unitedwaynci.org

United Way Day of Caring Project Submission

Project Requirements:

  1. Projects must be completed on Thursday, September 19, 2024 between 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. If your project is not selected by a team for this day, we do provide a list of remaining projects to interested teams who can’t take part on the day.
  2. Please fully complete the project submission form. Provide as much information as possible when submitting your project.
  3. You must have enough tools and/or supplies available for your volunteers. If you do not have enough tools for volunteers, you must call out that need on your project submission form and the project will be posted in RED as a specialty project.
  4. Fundraising cannot be an element of your Day of Caring Project.
  5. Please do not ask or expect volunteers to purchase supplies. We ask that organizations take the necessary steps to have the appropriate amount of material (paint, dirt, stain, cleaning supplies, wood chips, etc.) to complete the job.
  6. A representative of your organization must be present during the project. Please be sure that staff or qualified volunteer is accessible at all times to volunteers.
  7. Please do not keep volunteers longer than requested.  If your project goes longer than you planned, please do not ask volunteers to stay longer—many are expected to return to work and have limited time.  If volunteers elect to stay longer on their own, that is fine, but we ask you do not to make volunteers feel obligated to stay.
  8. If your project is all day, please provide sack lunches and water to volunteers.
  9. Have fun!

Suggestions on how to make Day of Caring a great day for your organization.

The more volunteers, the better.

Any size project can be submitted; however, projects with 5 or more volunteers have a better chance of being accomplished since the volunteer team size is usually 5 or more people.

Three hours in the sweet spot.

Your project can be 1 hour or 7 hours, but the most popular time frame for volunteers to be available is 2-4 hours.  That being said, there are teams that are available all day and looking for longer periods.

Morning projects work best.

By far, the most popular times for projects to take place are in the morning starting at 9:00 a.m.  There are, however, also later-morning and early afternoon projects that often get done.

Be sure to take time and explain your organization’s mission and other volunteer needs.

Day of caring, more than anything else, is a way to encourage deeper levels of volunteerism in the community.  Take this opportunity to recruit volunteers for ongoing positions.



  • Fill out the form below completely and Submit.  Project Submissions are due August 1, 2024.  Projects submitted after this date will not be accepted.
  • You will be notified if your project was selected and who your volunteer contact is.
  • Make contact with your volunteer team leader.  Provide any additional details, answer questions, and establish an arrival time.
  • Email Jen Arends at Jen@unitedwaynci.org with any questions. 


Project Contact Information
Project Address
Project timeline (please include a start and finish time for volunteers)
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